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Jim Toomey?s Sherman?s Lagoon hits Times Square Jumbotrons

Jim Toomey?s Sherman?s Lagoon has made it big – as in Times Square Jumbotron big.

The award-winning cartoonist was approached by the Baltimore-based Campbell Foundation for the Environment to produce a PSA on ocean conservation. He created the animated spot to highlight the need for consumption of sustainable seafood.

The PSA runs through the end of February. You can also watch it below.

Community Comments

#1 Pete McDonnell
@ 2:17 pm

That’s cool. Great to see a comic strip used as an effective medium for important messages. Sherman’s Lagoon is one of the best strips today, IMHO.

#2 Lucia Marconi
@ 9:59 am

Love it! Sherman and his friends can always make me laugh out loud. Want more :)
Thank you

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