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Video: Ink Masters episode features Greg Capullo, DC Comic villains

I’m not big on reality TV shows, but this one episode would have hooked me. Ink Masters is a Celebrity Apprentice type format pitting 16 tattoo artists against each other for a chance to win $100,000. This last episode was “Skulls and Villains” in which the artists had to tattoo comic villains on live subjects. Guest judge was Batman artist Greg Capullo.

Part 1

Ink Master

Part 2

Ink Master

Via Robot6

Community Comments

#1 Justin Riley
@ 7:10 pm

Ink Master needs to make some changes. Get rid of the dishonest editing. Stop stoking and highlighting conflict. Best Ink is a better competition because it’s more authentic and humane. But Tattoo Nightmares is my favorite. Tommy and Jasmine are killer talents and the show is uplifting.

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