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How do cartoonists respond to 9/11 Anniversary?

My Facebook wall is full of editorial cartoons this morning on the topic of 9/11. I’m seeing two approaches to the 12th anniversary. Cartoonists are sticking to the sentimental or they’re pointing out how it’s changed America.

An example of the sentimental by Jeff Koterba:

An example of what’s changed by Pat Bagley:

If you want a good view of the various cartoons running today, head over to

Community Comments

#1 Mike Curtis
@ 12:48 pm

When Joe Staton and I took over DICK TRACY, we decided 9/11 would always observed in the strip. Why?

Our first observance of 9/11 was the tenth anniversary, a Sunday. We had Tracy, Sam, Lizz and the Chief remembering friends they lost on that day.

If Dick Tracy was real he would have lost friends in the towers.

Mike Curtis

#2 David Cohen
@ 3:15 pm

For economy of line, for getting right to the point, and for a style unlike anybody else’s, Pat Bagley tops my list of cartoonists I want to be like when I grow up.

#3 Terry LaBan
@ 9:24 am

If Dick Tracy was real, he’d have been dead at least 20 years now.

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