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Boyd, Breathed, Clark, Eliot, Johnston to hold live tweet interviews

The good folks over at GoComics continue to hold regular live tweet interviews with notable cartoonists. This month they have five scheduled. On deck this month:

September 6: Lola creator Todd Clark (#AskToddClark)
September 13: Bloom County creator Berkeley Breath (#AskBerkeleyBreathed)
September 20: Stone Soup creator Jan Eliot and For Better or For Worse creator Lynn Johnston (#AskJanAndLynn)
September 27: Invisible Bread creator Justin Boyd (#AskJustinBoyd)

On September 13 you can ask Bloom County creator Berkley Breathed questions by tweeting them with the hashtag #askBerkeleyBreathed.

To participate tweet your question with the appropriate hashtag listed above during the one hour interview (1:30 p.m. CDT). Read more about the interviews over on GoComics.

Correction: The date of Todd’s interview was incorrect when originally posted. The date above is the correct date.

Community Comments

#1 Todd Clark
@ 8:53 am

Actually, mine is tomorrow. 9/6. Thanks for the shout out, though.

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