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Murder trial defendant asks for Garfield to return to comic page

I couldn’t resist posting this as it happened a couple of towns over from where I live and involves my local paper. Jeremy Lee Valdes who is on trial for two counts of aggravated murder wrote a letter to the editor to The Standard Examiner questioning the credibility of his ex-girlfriend and the police officer who testified against him, but then ended the letter with a plea to the newspaper to return Garfield to the comic pages.

Community Comments

#1 Howard Tayler
@ 2:59 pm

Obviously he became a prescription drug addict when he could no longer get his Garfield fix. Tragedy followed.

#2 Stephen Beals
@ 3:01 pm

Ah, clearly he’s setting up the ol’ Garfield Defense.

#3 Pab Sungenis
@ 3:48 pm

See? I told you that Garfield kills. Jim Davis is an accessory! They still haven’t fully explained what happened to Lyman!

#4 Mike Peterson
@ 4:47 pm

The complete letter is here:

(Skip to the end for the part that is intentionally cartoonish.)

Note that he and his buds in the joint also want “Pearls Before Swine” (sic) back in the paper.

So, is there some kind of “dog-bites-man, man-bites-dog” issue at work in the fact that Garfield is getting the ink while PBS is not???

#5 Garey Mckee
@ 9:54 pm

This POS is a whack job and a killer. Maybe he can read Garfield at Large while they put the needle in his arm.

#6 Stacy Curtis
@ 9:58 pm

He asked for “Pearls Before Swines.”

#7 Mike Peterson
@ 5:02 am

Yes. He was more (sic) than I first thought.

#8 Gar Molloy
@ 7:50 am

That’s some good pun work Mike.

#9 Mark McComas
@ 8:39 am

The guy just commented on the things that most concerned him that day–pinning the blame on someone else and reading the comics.

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