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NCS Division award submissions due Feb. 23

For those who wish to be considered for a National Cartoonists Society division award, the deadline for submission is February 23rd. Each entry must have been published between December 1, 2006 and December 31st, 2007. Though I’m not 100% sure, I believe the list below outlines which NCS chapter will be judging which category. To find out how, what and where to send you submission, please visit the NCS web site.

  • Feature Animation – NCS Los Angeles Chapter
  • Newspaper Illustration – NCS Connecticut Chapter
  • Gag Cartoons – NCS San Diego Chapter
  • Greeting Cards – NCS Florida Chapter
  • Newspaper Comic Strips – NCS New England Chapter
  • Magazine Feature / Illustration – NCS Great Lakes Chapter
  • Book Illustration – NCS North Central Chapter
  • Editorial Cartoons – NCS New Jersey Chapter
  • Advertising Illustration – NCS Long Island Chapter
  • Comic Books – NCS Canada Chapter

Submissions for television animation and newspaper panel cartoons should be sent to Mike Lynch and Greg Cravens respectively. I do not know what chapter they’re affiliated with or who will be the ultimate judge of that category.

Good luck.

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#1 J Read
@ 7:27 am

Greg heads up the Southeast chapter, which isn’t listed above.

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