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Charles Schulz remains on Top-earning deceased celebrities list

Every year Forbes tallies up the top-earning deceased celebrities and Charles M. Schulz is once again in the top five. Sparky comes in at #3 with $35 million behind John Lennon’s $44 million and Elvis Presely’s $49 million.

Community Comments

#1 Danny Burleson
@ 1:41 pm

Well, good for him, I hope he’s doing well with all that money…

Seriously, though, I’ll be fortunate to make $3.5 Million total, in my entire LIFE. But, $35 Million in one year, AFTER I’m dead? No way!

#2 John Read
@ 8:51 am

Wonder if Michaelis will give any of his earnings to the Schulz Museum? Has he made public any such thing?

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