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The Daily Cartoonist discussed on Comics Coast To Coast (UPDATED)

The Comics Coast to Coast guys interviewed me last week to talk about this here blog and some of the latest events and news in the industry. You can download it through your iTunes or download it directly.

UPDATE: The CCC guys have posted the description of this episode of the podcast:

You know that special news page you check each and every morning? The one that gives you all the news you need to keep up to date with the world of comics? Yeah that one, The Daily Cartoonist . Well we interview that guy on this show! REALLY! His name is Alan Gardner and he does it all. He writes and manages the whole thing, and on this show he lets us in the back door of how it is made, managed, and maintained. It’s a field trip kids, and Comics Coast To Coast drives you all there on the little yellow bus. You’ll find out about Alan’s own cartooning background and just what to do in a flame war.

Community Comments

#1 Norm Feuti
@ 7:42 am

Great interview, Alan.

#2 Brian
@ 8:26 am

I agree. I hated I wasn’t there. Maybe I’ll get to talk to you next time.

Brian D.

#3 Danny Burleson
@ 8:56 am

Very cool to listen to. And yeah, you were definitely missed, Brian. Not that Tom and Justin did a bad job or anything. :)

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