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Support this blog by pre-ordering Mac OS X Leopard via Amazon Affiliated Links

Apple as announced that Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) will ship on October 26th and I know many of you use Apple computers. If you plan to purchase an upgrade, please consider doing so through the Amazon affiliated links in this blog post and elsewhere on the blog. I’ll get a small commission off the purchase which will go directly to the support of this blog. My goal is to generate enough money through this blog to allow me to attend the annual AAEC and NCS gatherings.

Right now Amazon has a “Pre-order Price Guarantee” which means that if you pre-order OS X 10.5 right now, they will honor the lowest price advertised between now and when it ships (right now the price is already $20 off the list price for a single user license or $10 off the family 5 pack). PLUS shipping is free.

Pre-Order from Amazon (Free Shipping):
MAC OS X 10.5: $109 (SAVE $20)
5-License Family Pack: $189 (Save $10)

Thank you in advance for those who’ll make their purchase via these links.

Community Comments

#1 DaveK
@ 9:46 pm

Do you get a commission on the comic books (like the recent Pearls) that come out? If so, I’d be happy to get them through a link from this site to Amazon.

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 9:50 pm

At some point, I’m going to open a “store” in association with Amazon where visitors can buy stuff and I get commission on. Coming soon.

#3 Danny Burleson
@ 12:43 am

I want Leopard and I don’t even own a Mac. :)

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