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Norm Feuti’s “Pretending You Care” is reviewed

Retail creator Norm Feuti has a new book, Pretending You Care, is coming out next week. The Sun Chronicle has reviewed the book and interviewed Norm.

Although “Pretending You Care” includes dozens of memorable “Retail” strips, Feuti’s book is unlike most cartoonist opuses in that the content isn’t confined to artwork. Instead, Feuti offers plenty of humor-laden advice to those who choose, or have no other alternative to, retail employment.

For example Feuti explodes retail myths, such as that retail jobs come with big employee discounts, and that working with the public will be “fun.” There are also tips on how to deal (or avoid dealing) with problem customers, children and other pests, not to mention fellow employees.

I received my copy this week and have read the first three chapters and have really enjoyed it. Norm’s an engaging writer and its clear he knows the material. I’ll post a more formal review in a later date.

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 7:18 am

I pre-ordered the book from Amazon, so I should get it pretty soon.

Looking forward to it.

#2 Norm Feuti
@ 9:01 am

Thanks Charles!

#3 Dan
@ 9:58 am

Norm, I really enjoy this comic strip.

#4 Anne Hambrock
@ 10:22 am

Great article/review -Great strip! Good luck with the book!

#5 Norm Feuti
@ 11:30 am

Thanks everyone!

#6 John Read
@ 3:18 pm

Anybody that doesn’t rush out and buy this book is missing out on some of the best writing and well-drawn cartoons in the history of publishing! By the way, have I mentioned Norm will be providing an ongoing column in the new quarterly magazine about cartooning and cartoonists?

#7 renee
@ 10:24 pm

this book was too funny:) – i manage a store and my staff is enjoying this book…

#8 renee fox
@ 10:25 pm

this book was too funny:) – i manage a store, and we all are enjoying it….

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