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College paper apologizes for anti-Semitic cartoon

The University of Arizona’s student newspaper is issuing an apology in today’s newspaper for a cartoon that recently ran that many Jewish students believe is anti-Semetic. The cartoon, by staffer Joseph Topmiller, depicts a receipt with only a 7 percent tip and the punch line: “Attention all crappy tipping Jews!!! Just because you’re ‘screwing’ the server … does not mean that it’s a mitzvah.”

The editor of the paper, Allison Hornick, states:

“If anyone follows his comic, what he tries to do is make fun of the people who believe in stereotypes,” she said. “What he was trying to do with this comic is make fun of the people who think Jewish people are cheap. He wasn’t trying to be malicious.”

Over 30 Jewish students have complained to the paper, university’s presidents office as well as the student body. Which has prompted the apology.

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 6:03 am

Geez, college cartoons are making news lately.

Can’t wait for the next one.

#2 JeffM
@ 8:54 am

And yet Columbia invites Iran’s Hitler-esque dictator to speak….

Academia is a cesspool of hypocrisy and intolerance.

#3 josh shalek
@ 10:08 am

ATTENTION ALL CRAPPY JOKE-WRITING COLLEGE CARTOONISTS: When the joke requires a longer explanation than the comic itself, you’re not being funny.

#4 Dawn Douglass
@ 11:11 am

â??What he was trying to do with this comic is make fun of the people who think Jewish people are cheap. He wasnâ??t trying to be malicious.â?

Yeah, right. And I’m Queen of Sheba.

#5 Barlogea
@ 4:16 pm

I sometimes tip less than 7%. Oh shit, I was a jew and I had no idea about that!

#6 Eric Burke
@ 7:28 am

Where was the apology from the cartoonist? Sure, the editors shouldn’t have run the toon, but the cartoonist needs to take the heat, too.

There’s just something getting lost with these college cartoonists when it comes to the execution of their cartoons. This is how many comics this year by college cartoonists(whether students or just working for the paper) that so completely miss the mark of clever satire or even some base level of an understanding of humor that you wonder if these “cartoonists” are even putting in any honest effort towards understanding their craft?

I’m a fan of raunchy humor, adult content, etc., but there is a difference between satirizing a race/ethnicity and flat out racism. If a cartoonist can’t tell the difference, they shouldn’t try to tackle the subject…

#7 N/A
@ 2:39 pm

The joke requiring a longer explanation than the comic is due to the fact that the joke is something (for the most part) only jewish people would understand. how would anyone understand the connection between “screwing” and a mitzvah unless they were jewish or had jewish friends? Making fun of people who believe in stereotypes is a VERY weak excuse.

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