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Dave Coverly, Carla Ventresca features join The Lockhorns in LaughParade

From E&P we learn that Parade Magazine is adding cartoons by Dave Coverly and Carla Ventresca to their weekly LaughParade page starting this Sunday. The article doesn’t make it clear if the cartoons added are Dave’s Speed Bump panel or Carla’s On a Claire Day strip.

Parade magazine has featured Bunny Hoest and John Reiner’s The Lockhorns for decades.

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 6:55 am

Actually, Parade has never really featured “The Lockhorns” in LaughParade.

While the cartoons originated from Lockhorns creator Bill Hoest, and are continued by “Lockhorns” successors Bunny Hoest and John Reiner, they are separate gag panels (plus one “Howard Huge”) that are not related to the syndicated King Features panel.

#2 Rich Diesslin
@ 9:08 pm

A welcome addition. Now at least my paper will carry speedbumps one day a week, even if inadvertently! I look forward to it.

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